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Kimberly Venerable Time:17/03/2021
Q: I'm checking to see if you received my email about the frames I want as a replacement ZG20109-brown for order number 2021031178200. I was sent an email saying the orginal frames I ordered were sold out (ZG20304-brown). Please let me know. Thank you.
A: Dear Kimberly,thank you so much for your reply ,we are processing ZG20109-brown,After finished and sent out,we will email you the tracking number,thank you.
Kage Time:27/02/2021
Q: Do you ever offer Buy On Get One Free?
A: Dear Kage,we are sorry that we do not have BOGO now,
Karen Leigh Huffman Time:20/01/2021
Q: Can I order frames only?
A: Dear Karen,yes ,of course,all glasses could be order frame only in our website ,thank you.
Angela Luhys Time:19/12/2020
Q: I ordered glasses, but haven’t received confirmation, and they don’t show up under the orders section of my account. The only thing I’ve gotten is a receipt from PayPal. What’s going on?
A: Dear Angela,we checked your order 2020121638992 and the glasses are processing ,they will be finished and send out tomorrow,after we send out ,we will email you tracking information,thank you so much.
Melinda Time:17/12/2020
Q: I don’t SEE a lens color option as I’m putting together my order. I don’t want tint...
A: Dear Melinda,after you choose the frame ,please click "select lenses" and then do step by step ,At the forth step, we will see the tinted color.thank you.
Audrey Time:20/11/2020
Q: Do you have transition lenses? I do not necessarily want to purchase prescription sunglasses.
A: Dear Audrey, We would like to confirm with you that if transition lenses is photochromic lenses which is clear indoor and tinted outdoor, Or Polarized lenses which is Glare-reducing, tinted lenses for sunglasses.thank you
Monica Time:07/11/2020
Q: Is there anyway to get progressives that are for far and near only without the line and no middle vision?
A: Dear Monica ,yes ,we have ,the lenses called Invisible bifocals,could you please email us your prescription to you.
Angelique V Mallard Time:29/10/2020
Q: Can I get an update on my order please? ID# 2020101859090
A: Yes,I checked your order. PENSACOLA FL PROCESSING CENTER, Arrived at USPS Regional Facility -> Your item arrived at our USPS facility in PENSACOLA FL PROCESSING CENTER on October 28, 2020 at 9:34 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
chadd Time:23/10/2020
Q: Did you receive my payment I paid directly through PayPal... Per your request
A: Dear Chadd ,we have reply to you by email ,please kindly checked ,thank you so much.
chadd Time:09/10/2020
Q: I keep getting a error message when I try to place order
A: Dear Chadd,could you please email us the picture of error message,we will check it for you ,our email is .thank you so much.
chadd griffin Time:08/10/2020
Q: Can you deduct the 3 registration from my current order and then I will place the order
A: Dear Chadd,please check your order 2020100731863,we already reduce $3 for you ,thank you
chadd Time:06/10/2020
Q: Does each pair of glasses come with a plastic case or a cloth case
A: Dear Chadd,You could replace the order and add the another order ,then finish payment.Please do not worry ,we will refund the $3 to you right now.And yes ,each glasses have one plastic case and a cloth case,They are individually packaged
Amanda Young Time:03/10/2020
Q: I placed my order and then registered on your website and now cannot see my order I just placed. could you give me an order number please? thank you
A: Dear Amanda,Your order number is could check your order in "tracking order" ,but please log out your account first ,thank you .
chadd Time:26/09/2020
Q: I didn't get my 3 dollars off for registration..I am about to order for the first time how do I reset my account so that I get my $3 off
A: Dear Chadd ,we have reply you to your email ,please kindly checked ,thank you so much
Joyce Time:02/09/2020
Q: I want to order ZG21001. But, the app won’t let me add to cart without tinted lenses. I just want my prescription.
A: Dear Joyce,just now we have revised it ,please try again ,when you choosed the lenses color ,please click "no tint:,thank you so much.
Judy Time:02/09/2020
Q: I was wondering did they shipped my glasses off yet
A: Dear Judy,thank you so much for your order ,the glasses have been finished and will be sent out today ,later we will email you the tracking number,thank you
Lori Owen Time:30/07/2020
Q: How do I upload my photo to try on your glasses
A: Dear Lori,we are sorry that we have no "try On" function,but we will intention to add this in feature,thank you so much.
Dorothy Pierce Time:28/07/2020
Q: Hello! I ordered these glasses: No:ZG21001-pink Price:US$24.80 But, I would like them with clear lenses, not tinted. There was no option to choose clear glasses. Hoping you can do this (and refund me the tinting fee?) ORDER #2020072824793 Thanks in advance! ~Dorothy
A: Dear Dorothy ,thank you so much for your order ,we will do the clear lenses and have refund the tinted costing to your account ,please kindly checked ,thank you so much.
Carla Time:05/07/2020
Q: I would like a yellow progressive lens just like the one picture in these frames ZG20234-yellow How can I select this color
A: Dear Carla,when you choosing the lenses color ,please choose the "lenses primary color" ,when we process your glasses ,we will do it same as the picture show.thank you so much
Prescription Time:03/07/2020
Q: How Can I download my prescription to be correct for my gkasses
A: Dear milagros,after you choosed the frame ,please click selcet lenses ,and then you will fill in your prescription and save your prescription ,for more detail ,we will emai you ,please kindly check ,thank you so much.
Kathy L Holden Time:16/06/2020
Q: Are there any coupons I can use
A: Dear Kathy,Yes ,we have the coupons. 10$OFF on order amount $100(code:VKWmTh),$15 OFF on order amount $150(code:hBkvkG) and $20 OFF on order amount $200 (code:BkXzPI),thank you.
Brendalee Berrios Time:07/06/2020
Q: Hi how long take a order.
A: Dear Berrios,Your glasses are processing,as the lenses are customized ,so it will take some time,we will send out the parcel tomorrow and then we will email you the tracking number,thank you .
Shipping Time:28/05/2020
Q: I’m order is over 68(200) why is the shipping not coming off free?
A: Dear Alisha,we have checked it and have solved the problem ,could you please try it again.thank you so much
Vanessa Time:22/05/2020
Q: I emailed you yesterday about my order 2020040822048. Could you please give me some information on it. I ordered on 4/8/2020.
A: Dear Vanessa.we have send you email twice ,please kindly check ,if not received ,please check the spam box.thank you
Marilyn Provall Time:21/05/2020
Q: I would like to purchase glasses from you all, but I don't exactly know what my prescription. I placed numbers on the prescription page, but I'm not for certain (if) it's correct. I do have a spare pair of my current eyewear (glasses) that I would like to send and have the prescription from my current eyewear (glasses) put in to the frames that I chose (I don't know if you all can do that). Also I would like to have the (Frame) from my current eyewear (glasses)sent back,or you could email me the prescription from my current eyewear (glasses). Thank you, Marilyn Provall
A: Dear Marilyn Provall,yes, you could send us your current glasses so that we could get your correct prescription .for more details ,we have emailed you,please kindly checked,thank you so much.
Virginia Sanders Time:06/05/2020
Q: Where are my glasses??? I have been waiting a long time
A: Dear Virginia,we have emailed you ,please kindly check ,if you have any other question ,please kindly email us .we will reply you at the first time.thank you
Vanessa Time:04/05/2020
Q: My order tracking for order #ORDER No.: 2020040822048 has not moved since I received the shipping notice on April 15. Please give me some information on this order. Thank you.
A: Dear Vanessa,we have email you about your order ,please kindly checked ,thank you so much for your kindly understanding.
Ines Camacho Time:26/04/2020
Q: Q: Method of Payment-I tried to pay with my card for my order, and it declined my card, when there is sufficient funds to cover for my order.. I need help to complete my order. Thank you.
A: Dear Camacho,Just now we send you an Invoice ,please kindly check if you could finish the payment .Thank you . Coudld you please resubmit the order 2020042681449 and try to pay it again? Thank you for your patience and if you have any question ,please kindly tell me .Thank you.
Michelle Time:25/04/2020
Q: Hello, I need to change my shipping address. It looks like my order will be shipped to my billing address, which is not possible. Could someone help please. Thank you!
A: Dear Michelle ,yes ,please email us your correct address,we will change it for you. thank you .
rose Time:15/04/2020
Q: can you make glases with + 7.50 cylinder
A: Dear Rose ,yes ,we can make ,and it need to be customized.We will tell you more details by email .Thank you
Danetta McKnight Time:10/04/2020
Q: What is the delivery time on orders in the United States
A: Dear Denetta,the glasses made for 2~5days according to your prescription and the shipping time is 3~4 days by UPS and 15~25 days by USPS as current situation.
Julirt Time:27/03/2020
Q: I tried to place a order and it want process.
A: Dear Juliet,We have emailed you ,please kindly check and waiting for your reply,Thank you very much.
Paulie Time:24/03/2020
Q: Order says passed through facility on March 6th but there is no update
A: Dear Paulie,We have communicated with the shipping company ,As the coronavirus, the flight is fewer and needs to give priority to the transportation of medical and living supplies so that all express delivery were late.We are sorry for cause your troubles.We will keep track of your order at any time. Thank you so much for you kindly understanding.
Yolanda Roland Time:21/03/2020
Q: How long with it take for the two pair of glasses to arrive to my address?
A: Dear Yolanda,We have send out your glasses today and the tracking number have emailed you ,please kindly check,thank you.
Mel Time:20/03/2020
Q: hi i did not get what i ordered. i order 4 frames with clear non prescription. you sent me sunglasses. i need to get this fixed and what i paid for.
A: Dear Mel,we have emailed you ,please kindly check .If you would like nonprescription lenses,please click "select lens"and then choose "nonprescription",when you choosed "frame only"that is demo lens.please kindly note,if you still have any question ,please kindly contact with us,thank you.
Mary Wintters Time:03/03/2020
Q: I just placed an order but need you to ship to the following address: Mary Wintters 1816 Tile Factory Road Palestine, Texas 75803 Please update that as my delivery address. Thank you so much!
A: Dear Mary,Yes,we will shipped to this revised address,and also confirm with you that the phone number is correct?if need to change ,please kindly email us zeeglasses@126 com.Thank you so much
Linette Garcia Time:01/03/2020
Q: I wrote my email incorrect
A: Dear Linette,we have emailed you about this ,If you still have any question ,please kindly email us Thank you
Autumn Jones Time:25/02/2020
Q: Hello I was just checking on my order
A: Dear Autumn ,Thank you so much for choosing zeeglasses. As the lens are customized it will be some delay.Now the glasses is processing and will send to you the day after tomorrow.When we send out parcel ,we will email you the tracking details.Thank you for your understanding.
Marcia Time:30/01/2020
Q: The frames are correct but the lens are tinted and shouldn't be
A: Dear Marcia,Thanks for choosing Zeeglasses.Please kindly note the warn tips of every frame ,you will see :Demo lenses are included when choosing frame only.The tined lens are demo lenses ,thank you so much for your understanding.If you still have any question ,please kindly emails us
Jakitra Hadnott Time:19/01/2020
Q: I ordered a pair of glasses and once I received them they were too big and the frames is not a good look on me! Can I please return for another pair
A: Dear Jakitra,Sorry for late reply,could you please tell us which frame you want to change as you have bought two glasses .For prescription glasses the lens is customized ,it will not be useful.For only frame it could be return but the freight charge will be from you .Thank you so much for your understanding and for details we will email you .Than you for choosing Zeeglasses
Desiree L Bolden Time:06/01/2020
Q: Do you have bifocals, transition lens and how much with all with precsription
A: Dear Desiree L Bolden,Thanks for choosing Zeeglasses. Yes ,we have transition lens,please choose progressive lens and then you will see the different price of prescription,Thank you ,If you still have any question ,please feel free to contact with us。
Venissa higginbotha. Time:22/12/2019
Q: Why does the frame say " free 1.57 standard lens and then when i select the standard lens it says $14.95? Thats not free!
A: Dear Venissak,Thank you for choosing Zeeglasses. Please see below warm tips on our website. Free lenses is for 1.57 Mid-Index standard lenses SPH(0.00~-5.75),CYL(0.00~-2.00).If your prescription is out of this ,it will take more costing .Please kindly understanding. If you still have any question,please kindly contact with us.Thank you
Jessica Newman-Kegerise Time:21/12/2019
Q: Hello. I paid for my order using PayPal. When I submitted it an error screen came up. PayPal shows that the order was submitted and the money has already been taken from my PayPal account but your website states that it has not been paid for yet. Can you please correct this discrepancy and update the order so I can see tracking information?
A: Dear Jessica,Thanks for choosing Zeeglasses. We have emailed you and we have already solve this problem.Thank you and have a nice day!
Kindall Time:20/12/2019
Q: Shipping
A: Dear Kindall, This is Zeeglasses,If you have any question ,please email us .We will reply you at the first time.Thank you and have a nice day!
If you have any questions about our products and service, please leave a message. Our customer service members will answer your questions as soon as possible. Before you ask the questions, we suggest you make sure your email address is correct. Our customer service staffs are very happy to answer every question you will ask no matter what kinds of complaints and suggestions you give for we take customers as our gods.